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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Eeyore Syndrome

A good friend of mine told me something funny that I thought really applied to me right now. She said that when she would have a bad day or be a little depressed one of her former co-workers would tell her she had the Eeyore Syndrome. I thought it was very fitting for the way I have been feeling the past couple weeks! 

I haven't had much pain until the start of my 34th week. I went from feeling great to having trouble doing anything, and it felt like this change was overnight. I figured this is just part of it and I would just have to tough it out.  (Hence the Eeyore syndrome beginning) Doing regular things, like laundry, cooking and getting ready have turned into a dreaded chore. Most days I feel like I just waddle around the house, eat and sleep. I felt like my belly was growing faster than ever before.

 I went to the doctor on Monday and she measured my belly and said I am measuring at 37 weeks instead of the 35 weeks I actually am! No wonder I started feeling bad so fast, I am two weeks bigger than I should all makes sense. All of the growing, stretching and other wonderful things that happen during pregnancy have been sped up the past two weeks and my body is worn out. I'm just glad it wasn't my imagination, I really am noticeably bigger every morning when I wake up.  So with that being said, my doctor thinks she will induce around 38 or 39 weeks depending on if my body is ready. So.....that could possibly 2-3 weeks!!!  All I can say is we are ready!!!

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  1. Those last weeks can be a killer, especially in the heat ( I have 3 August babies). Hang in there! She'll be here soon enough!