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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update on Piper

Piper was put on a new medication saturday and they have been monitoring her to see if it will stop the seizures. She has had shorter seizures that last only seconds which is an improvement. It turns out her cute little grin she has been doing is actually a seizure. These are still occurring throughout the day. The goal is to get rid of this 'look' too. The medicine takes a month to become established In her system and they are monitoring her blood levels as we go. We have already seen progress so hopefully this new dose will help.

She has been the happiest baby here,I think she likes all of the attention. She is definitely loved!! She only cries when she is hungry or poked with a needle. We keep telling ourselves it could be a lot worse.

Justin and I are holding up well. We have had lots of visitors to keep us company and entertained. We have been entertaining each other too. We scored a wii system with dance dance revolution which is pure entertainment to watch us hop around. We think laughter is the best medicine an it helps us has some normalcy in our lives.

We continue to thank God for everything and ask for his guidance during this bump in the road. We are so grateful for the blanket of prayers our family and friends have wrapped around us during this time. It's not quite the thanksgiving we planned but we have so much to be thankful it doesn't matter.

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