Baby Steps

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Prayer, patience and love

Our sweet bundle of joy is growing faster than we can keep up with! She will be 3 months old on Saturday and is continuing to bless up beyond belief. Her personality is taking shape and we think she is hilarious. She wakes up every day with a huge smile on her face that melts our hearts over and over again. She is holding up her head and checking out the world around her. She loves looking at people and interacting. Everything about her is truly a blessing.

We have had a trying month. When she was born she seemed perfectly 'normal' even though she has a brain disorder. The doctors said expect her to spend time in the NICU, she didn't. They said she will need testing immediately, she didn't. We read that she may have trouble eating and probably won't like to cuddle or interact, she loves all of those things. We have been immensely blessed with positive news about her but recently we are once again humbled by her disorder.

Maybe it's because she seems like any other baby that I have almost forgotten that she is different. I go into situation thinking there is nothing to worry about but it seems I am reminded that there are challenges she will have. We went to the eye doctor last week and she has abnormal optic nerves in both eyes. The doctor said it could be very serious or not too bad at all. Another wait and see situation. I was not prepared for this news and left feeling like I did when we first found out about her disorder. Justin was out of town so it made it even harder when you go home and need your husbands support. I made it through the day and woke up the next day with a positive outlook and a fresh start. I keep telling myself it could be worse and to have faith in God's plan for us.

Today our faith was tested again. This morning Piper had a seizure. She is fine but it was a devastating experience. I honestly think this is one of the scariest things I have ever gone through. I knew there was a very good chance this would happen at sometime since it is one of the first symptoms of agenesis but I was not prepared at all. We took her to the doctor and he helped us learn more about what we do if it happens again. We will be going to the neurologist and the endocrinologist in a few weeks. I am continuing to pray and try to be strong, patient and faithful. It's not easy but Justin is very good at helping me stay positive. Say an extra prayer for our family as we face new challenges.


  1. She sure is cute! And perfect!

    I can't imagine how scary that must have been for you. I am so sorry..will be thinking about you guys!

  2. Annie, I have loved reading about your experiences and thoughts as a new mother. It is so obvious how happy you are and what a great mother you are. I know that you will continue to be amazing and be amazed by your daughter as you deal with her brain disorder. I will pray that you handle all situations in the best way possible for Piper and that she continues to be such a happy sweet little girl!
    Love, Kelly Woodbury Paulus

  3. My oldest has a seizure this past spring, and I can say it was the scariest 3 minutes of my life. I am sorry you guys are going through this!