Baby Steps

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Piper will be here this week!

This is where i spend most of my time..

After all the waiting and what feels like forever, we will finally get to meet our baby girl! Since she is so big and getting bigger my doctor wants to induce this week. I will be going in on Wednesday (yes..tomorrow) night at 11:50 to start the procedure. If things go right I will deliver on Thursday. This is only a week early from her due date. 
I have a mixture of feelings that are pretty overwhelming right now. I am so excited about meeting her but there is something about knowing exactly what time I go to the hospital that is making me crazy. I guess I just like going with the flow and not having things planned out. Justin is so excited and has started counting down the hours. I will be trying to keep my mind distracted. 
Luckily, I have a few things to keep me distracted. We were downtown this weekend and stopped into an art gallery/tattoo parlor and they are looking for artwork for a big show coming up at the end of the month. They said i could bring some in for the show if I can get it down there this week. I have plenty of stuff just sitting around so we are going to take it down on our way to the hospital tomorrow. 
So my agenda for tomorrow....clean the house, hang some art, go to dinner with my husband, and go to the hospital to get ready to have a baby...


  1. wooohoooo!!! I am SO excited for you guys and to meet Miss Piper :) Will be praying for you three and the doctors and nurses who God will put there tomorrow! Love you!!

  2. OMG Annie this is insane, haha. You're just going to swing by and drop off some art before you head to the hospital and deliver. You guys are great. Good luck with it all!!! Yay for getting to meet Piper!