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Thursday, June 9, 2011

29 weeks

 15 weeks pregnant
29 weeks pregnant

Today is the beginning of the 29th week of my pregnancy. It seems to be flying by now.  I weighed in today at 140! I started at 114 so +26 pounds so far. Justin has made a goal for himself, he is trying to work out and lose just enough weight so I will weigh more than him....looks like there is a real possibility that it could happen.

So far, Piper is a very active baby. She moves and kicks non-stop every day. I have gotten used to the judo chops to the stomach and the kicks that almost knock the breath out of me. She likes to start moving around 10:30 every night and continues all night long. I don't sleep much anymore but I know its just preparation for the sleep deprivation coming in the next months.  People are starting to nickname her Hyper Piper...uh oh we may be in trouble.

We go back to my OB and the high risk doctor next week. We are scheduling a 4D ultrasound and an amniocentesis.  The amniocentesis will tell us if her condition is due to chromosomal abnormalities or infection during the first trimester. I am not looking forward to doing this procedure but I know the more information we have, the better. Hopefully no more surprises in the coming weeks. 

Here are some things that have surprised me so far....

-I love being pregnant
-The dogs never leave my side
-I don't eat much more than I did before
- I'm stronger than I thought
-I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything
-I grew out of my clothes fast
- I like my big belly
-I don't have mood swings at all
-I'm starting to like pink (a little)

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