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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Keeping busy!

I want to give everyone a little update but we have done so much in the past few months that it will be hard to fit it all in. I will just give a little summary for each one of us. 

Evan: He is doing great! He is a very happy baby who loves people and smiles at everyone he meets. He is growing fast and just like Piper is a big kid. He is already out growing 6m clothes! He loves playing with toys and is picking up everything he can get his hands on. His favorite thing to do is stand and he can hold himself up against the couch or activity table without our help. It looks like he may be a picky eater, we have tried a few foods with him but so far nothing he likes. He has figured out how to roll and has started scooting his face across the floor in attempts to crawl. He is very picky about who he wants to hold him and gets scared if it isn't someone he is used to. He is growing up so fast!

Piper: Piper is doing great too! Her seizures are finally at a very manageable amount. She had her first seizure free day this month! She went 36 hrs without a seizure which is unheard of. We have definite proof that cannabis is working and has changed her life. She is happy and playful and her true personality is finally started to emerge. We learned that she is absolutely a daddy's girl. She will cry and whine until she sees him. When she is upset at night he is the only thing that calms her down. It's so amazing to finally see this!! We just enrolled her for preschool and she will start in August. We hope this can be a great experience for her and that she doesn't get sick. We are going to try it out and see how she does. She thrives when she is around other people and new environments so we are praying this will work for her. 

Justin: He is busy like always with work but finds plenty of time for house projects. We are so happy to have a home that we love and feel comfortable in. It turns out he is more creative than me and better at home projects. He has done so much to personalize our home and it looks great. He is also training for another half marathon coming up soon! 

Annie: I have started my own business!! After months of considering all my options I decided to sign on as an independent consultant with Rodan and Fields. I love their skin care products and their business opportunities. I am able to spend a few hours a day working and make some extra money for the family. The best part is it's fun!! I wish I had started sooner! I have seen amazing results already 

I will also start school in the fall to get my CNA certification. Colorado allows parents with sick children to get paid for caring for their child if they have a CNA. This is so amazing and I can't wait to get started. We found a program that last 8 weeks and I will go all day Saturdays and Sundays. 

We are having a great summer and feel like a normal family. With Piper doing so much better we can get out, go to church again (finally!) and meet people. Things are great in Colorado :)

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  1. So glad to hear this good news! Thinking of you guys.