Baby Steps

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sick and tired of being sick!

Well the past 6 weeks have been a little different than we expected. Evan was born via Csection and they found a lot of scar tissue and a few other issues. The doctor was able to get rid of the tissue and did a great job. He is perfectionist so it was a longer surgery but we are thankful he took the time to fix everything. Evan had no issues and has been healthy and growing. 

The first three weeks of recovery were going really well and I was recovering much faster this time. The hardest part of the recovery is not being able to lift Piper and exercise for 6 weeks. It's very hard not to go back to a normal routine of taking care of my children. I worked out the whole pregnancy and felt great so not being able to has been a challenge. I go back to the doctor on Friday for my 6wk checkup so hopefully I can get back to normal soon. 

 Everything was going great until last Saturday. I spiked a fever, had chills and other flu like symptoms. Justin took me to the ER (instead of on our valentine's date ) to make sure I didn't have complications from surgery. They did blood and urine tests and really couldn't figure out what the problem was. I had an elevated white blood count in my urine and was treated for a UTI. After 5 days on antibiotics with no relief I went to a doctor to get more answers. He suspected it was a kidney infection and would take longer to recover. He also noticed my liver is swollen and was worried about me having mono. He took blood and I won't know the results until Thursday. 

Piper has also not been feeling well and has spent the past few weeks sleeping the days away. After the doctor mentioned mono it made me think she may have it too. Fortunately, since she has been taking cannabis oil her immune system is stronger and seizures don't get too out of control when she is sick. Hopefully, the test will be negative and she will get back to herself soon. We hate seeing her sick. 

With all the sickness we have worried about Evan getting sick and he has been fine until last night. He was up all night with diarrhea and not eating like normal. I took him to the pediatrician and he has a stomach virus. He is so mild mannered that I knew something was not right. There is nothing much we can do but wait it out and monitor him closely. The doctor advised me to clean and Lysol the apartment from head to toe. 

Justin is the only healthy one around here so we are praying he doesn't get any of the germs going around our house. This is the first time in years I have been sick this long and would really like to get back to normal! We can't complain too much because we have had plenty of help from family who have been taking turns staying with us.  I have also lost 30 of my 42 pregnancy pounds which makes me happy even though it hasn't been the healthiest way :) adios maternity clothes! 

Overall, it has been great having Evan here. He is such a sweetheart and we love him so much. He is the most expressive baby I have ever seen and is very curious. He was lifting his head up looking around an hour after he was born. It's amazing how fast he learns but is a little bittersweet when we have been trying to teach Piper the same skills for over two years. We will have to learn to not let that get to us and be excited for both of our children. Piper is adjusting well and is still trying to figure out who is making all that noise. We are very happy and hopefully will be healthy soon.